What is Computer Science?

CS is For Everyone

"It's not about being a girl or being a boy, it's about being talented. Computer Science needs more talented people who are not aftraid of being creative and making the world a better place."

CS is Changing Everything

"Whether you want to become a racecar driver, play baseball, or build a house, all of these things have been turned upside-down by software.....The merging of art and technology is getting more and more significant as computers and software become such an integral part of our lives day to day."

CS is Important for our Future

"Whether you're a young man or a young woman, whether you live in a city or a rural area, computers are going to be a big part of your future. If you're willing to work and study hard, that future is yours to shape"

Computer Science is the study of computer algorithms, processes, designs, applications, and the technological impact on society. It is a tool that helps solve a problem and a skill that teaches students how to create and think critically.

However, many schools across the country still offer no Computer Science opportunities for their students.


Our mission is to ensure that every student in every grade level has the opportunity to learn the principles of Computer Science.